C Awards 2017 – Zytig from Visualiseringscenter C on Vimeo.

Beskrivning av bidrag
Zytig is a visualization tool that is built assist doctors and patients in comprehending an individual patient’s prostate cancer data. Today, the patient data is presented in forms of text and numbers. This poses an issue as doctors need to spend a lot of time making sense of the huge dataset, reviewing it and making decisions on what the next step should be. This also creates frustration when communicating with the patient, as the patient will have a hard time understanding the raw data.
What we have built is a visualization tool that provides an intuitive and interactive way of engaging with patient data, where relationships between data points are more evident. We believe that this tool will facilitate decision-making for doctors and patients, and in extent lower the risk of over and under diagnosis and treatment.
Zytig is developed in cooperation with Karolinska Institutet and Johnson&Johnson.

Fanny Chan
Matyas Tomolya
Robin Setterwall
Mohit Ahuja
Dora Palfi
Sara Eriksson
Mustafa Saeed


ICT Innovation, KTH