Beskrivning av bidrag

Stockholm Royal Seaport project is decided and designated by Municipal Council to create effective urban environments through advanced sustainability efforts. The program aims to develop on the basis of high ambition for sustainable urban planning from a number of different targets like CO2 emission rate, energy use etc. These targets are made concrete and clarified in the requirements for each phase and are monitored throughout the entire process. To successfully fulfill their sustainability requirement, they need to guide and check the progress of each project and apartment according to national-level and city-level sustainability criteria, but it was almost impossible to track them using simple spreadsheet. We were here to help Stockholm Royal Seaport visualize their important factors using novel information design technique.

Our Project:
In this project, the targets and requirements of Stockholm Royal Seaport are visualized. Our main targets are politicians, who do care about sustainability issues of the project, and civil servants, who are actually working on the project and guiding the construction companies. We made two main views for each of them. In politician view, politician users can explore the targeting values and national/international requirements based on projects in each phase, and how these value changes at three stages. What’s more, in civil servant view, we allow users to set the weighted criteria for each developers to find out the most qualified one and display its performance in different stages.
The whole website features an interactive dashboard with an interactive map. The map is color coded according to whether it meets the requirements, and will zoom in on the phase we are currently observing, to make users easily and efficiently play with it to find out important facts.

Technology Description:
We created the whole visualization using D3.js. We connected our visualization to Stockholm Royal Seaport’s API so that we can automatically update our data.

Our Visualization:
You can check our visualization and introduction page here.


Heeje Lee
Rachhek Shrestha
Yu-Wen Huang
Ankita Pillay
William Skagerström


Data Science/KTH