C Awards 2017 – Sarkofag from Visualiseringscenter C on Vimeo.

Beskrivning av bidrag

Augmented Reality Experience.
We wanted to experiment with modifying the percieved reality when exploring objects that are not fully accessible (for example the inside of a sarcophagus), so we choose to create the equivalent of “See but not touch, level 2”. Using the app, you get the possibility to take a closer look at a modifyed reality through the camera of a phone in real time. One of the many interests of making sARkofag was the aspect of improved learning with better visualizations, where the app can be used for educational purposes for example in museums. One could model the contents of a real sarcophagus, make it trackable, and incorporate it into Sarkofag, allowing visitors to peek into something that would otherwise not be accessible for regular museum visitors (or require a saw…).

The project was built using Unity3D as our main platform in combination with Vuforia, which is a framework for image and tracker recognition. The graphics rely heavily on manipulating the Z-buffer and render objects in the scene in the right order. The application consists of two parts: The tracker (box) and the program run on an Android phone. The box is tracked my the phone, which is our AR looking glass with extended X-Ray vision which is used when exploring what is inside the box.

When looking at the inside of the sarcophagus, there is a mummy resting peacefully at the bottom. With the slider outside of the box, one can switch between different visible layers of the mummy. Because the scene is rendered in realtime one can have a look from every direction. There is also a green button which, when pushed, switches the camera to pure X- ray visor allowing for cutting through multiple layers by layer of the mummy at the same time.

Sarkofag was a short project in Advanced Graphics and Interaction at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, and a more in depth explanation of the technical parts, please visit our homepage: www.sarkofag.se


Ingemar Markström
Erik Markström
Eric Blomquist
Adrian Häggvik
Ewoud van der Heide
Rasmus Elmgren


Medieteknik och Datateknik vid Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan