Beskrivning av bidrag

During the last few years the world’s political climate has changed, a lot. In the light of these recent changes, the importance of political awareness has significantly increased. The need to know what’s going on in the buildings of power is dire. Fortunately for us, data from the Swedish parliament is open to everyone, the only problem is; it needs to be properly understood. It needs be visualized! Visualizing the data of the Swedish parliament is thus probably more relevant today than ever before. Doing so will not only be an interesting and challenging programming task; the visualization could also contribute to a more transparent society.

The data we have gotten as input is information about who the individual parliament members are, and what their roles are in parliament. Additionally, we have data about how the different parties have behaved, which then can be used to compare parties to each other. We have also decided to add information about news related to specific politicians or their respective parties.

Our users are part of the general public, regular voters like us, who wish to gain insight into the work of parliament. Since this will likely first and foremost be Swedish users, we decided to make the site completely in Swedish. The users can be looking up information on a specific politician, or gain new knowledge about a party. This can be especially useful when preparing oneself to vote in an election, but also to perhaps gain a more nuanced view of an ongoing debate.


• Bridge the gap between decision-makers and citizens by making public voting data more digestible.
• Educate users about how the decision-making process in the Swedish political system works.
• Create an exploratory tool that is easy to use and understand.


Oscar Wiigh
Martin Wedberg
Jonatan Lindström
Adrian Berger
Emil Dickson
Ben Forsrup


Medieteknik, KTH