Beskrivning av bidrag

Plåtniklas is a game that integrates both VR and AR, where the two worlds co-exist on a one
to one scale. Both players are able to see and interact with each other through their
respective viewports. They will see the same environment, and the changes made to that
environment. Both of them can interact with the world and its objects, as well as with each
other. This is a project which ran from mid september 2018 to december 2018 and is part of
the course Advanced graphics and interaction at the Royal Institute of Technology.
Plåtniklas is a scrap monster whose sole mission is to destroy the city he was once
relegated by. He crushes the four buildings of the city by hitting them with his hands. The AR
player acts as an attack helicopter and their mission is to defend the city from Plåtniklas.
They fly around the city shooting projectiles at the monster, attempting to defeat him.
Meanwhile, Plåtniklas can hurl the leftover building scraps at the helicopter to make it spin
out in a spectacular fashion, before resuming their attack on him.
To deliver on the promises of the project, we’re using ARKit for powerful and stable
Augmented Reality with surface detection and accurate AR world placement. In addition,
we’re using the HTC Vive and SteamVR for a highly engaging VR experience with the
signature full body tracking that the Vive is known for. With the power of Unity, and these
great frameworks, we extended the built-in network solution and set up our own position
syncing system so both kinds of players can interact with the world and the other type of
player in different ways.


Petra Olsson
Anton Martinsson
Viktor Ceder
Linnéa Granlund
Olivia Bengtsson


Civilingenjör Medieteknik, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan