Beskrivning av bidrag

King of the Cube is an augmented-reality multiplayer game for mobile phone platforms. It is
based on the children game: “King of the Hill”, where the last man standing on top of the hill
is the king. In our game, we take advantage of a real cube to form our playing platform in the
game. The real cube is augmented with virtual paths and platforms forming the playing
terrain, visible through the players’ phones.
One player begins as the king on top of the cube, while the other players have to fight to
reach the top. The king has in his power bombs that are thrown to the aspirant players, while
these have to take advantage of the platforms in order to avoid the bombs. Occlussion is a
key aspect of the game, since the player has only at sight one side of the cube at a time.
Players have to move physically to observe the sides that are not visible and virtually to
move their characters through the platforms in game. By taking advantage of this novel
3-dimensionality, you can trick the king by moving along the hidden sides. Then you will be
able to climb to the top, following the paths… Until the king finds you! Once an aspirant
player reaches the top, he becomes the new King of the Cube!
The game was developed in Unity with ARCore, since it provides real-time position of the
device, light estimation and the ability to anchor objects. Concerning the graphics, a
consistent voxelized aesthetics for the game is used to keep the cubic aspect. At the same
time, it displays a style that has become very popular due to games like Minecraft and the
emergence of other indie games, creating a joyful experience.
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Bjarni Gudmundsson
Sonia Camacho
Julien Rouault
Rafael Lucena
Henrique Furtado
Pooria Ghavamian


Interactive Media Technology/ KTH