C Awards 2017 – Hoverbroom from Visualiseringscenter C on Vimeo.

Beskrivning av bidrag
Hoverbroom is a VR first-person broom flying simulator. The game transports a player into a futuristic arena with an airborn racing course. The player has to master the hoverbroom and finish a challenging course by flying through ring-shaped gates in the air. To make the gameplay experience more enticing, the gates are sealed with fire, ice, or lightening, and can be approached in any order. A Bluetooth slideshow clicker is affixed to the broom controller, so the player can aim and cast a spell from the hoverbroom by the press of a button. Hit with the right elemental spell, the gates open and allow for free passage.
For the project we built a unique broom controller interface using a cleaning broom, sensors, and a chair to mount them to. Observations and interviews with test users helped us to improve the physical controller and graphical user interface from early prototypes.

David Ringqvist
Adrià Cruz
Hansjörg Hofer
Lisa Schmitz
Maria Krinaki
Wei Wang


Master i Människa-Dator Interaktion, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan