C Awards 2017 – GLIMPSE from Visualiseringscenter C on Vimeo.

Beskrivning av bidraget

This is a project done at KTH within the course Advanced Graphics and Interaction. The purpose is to make museums more interactive. We have focused on the Vasa museum, which exhibit all things related to the Swedish ship, Vasa. It sunk in its maiden voyage in the year 1625. Our application is for smart phones and via certain Augmented Reality markers the user can get a glimpse into another world or time and see a visualization, in this case the tragic maiden voyage of the Vasa ship. The markers get ”replaced” by virtual windows on the phone which represent the portal into this time in history.

Our idea, to provide a more living display of history through ”windows” of time with the help of regular smartphones, is best achieved with the framework Vuforia. With full compability with Unity, Vuforia provide powerful means to transform a scene to reality. To further create our scenes required modeling, in which Blender and Auto 3ds Max came in as natural choices for good modeling tools.
Website: https://glimpseagi.wordpress.com/


Adrià Cruz
Björn Englesson
Emilio Lando
Jack Shabo
Robin Tillman
Julia Sporre


KTH, Computer Science