C Awards 2017 – Food Advisor from Visualiseringscenter C on Vimeo.

Beskrivning av bidraget
A tool to visualize the impact of food choices. Our intention is to help consumers make educated choices when buying groceries. We aim to do this with a playful interaction where each ingredient is represented in a bubble chart. We chose this kind of representation because it is more candid and comprehensive, representing better how different food items relate to each other in the means of carbon footprint and nutrient content.
We applied an Agile methodology to develop our project, creating fast prototypes that were later evaluated by tests users.
Link to the project: http://foodadvisor10.github.io/FoodAdvisor

Martin Funkquist
Haisheng Yu
Victor Kesten
Thea Marcelie
Joaquin Sanchez-Valiente
Leung Man
Jori Witte
Måns Åberg