C Awards 2017 – Compound Exercises Recognition and Form Correction from Visualiseringscenter C on Vimeo.

Beskrivning av bidraget
Compound exercises are multi joint movements that engage several muscle groups simultaneously and simulate real life activities. The most notable compound exercise is squat, an exercise that engages almost the entire lower body. Proper exercise form is essential to maximize gains and to eliminate the risk of serious injuries.
People with passion to fitness would appreciate a mobile personal trainer app that provides real-time form correction tips and is capable of managing exercise scheduling and progress, that’s exactly what this tool is capable of delivering to weightlifters and gym regulars.
Initially, the tool is developed to recognize squat exercise and to detect the most common execution mistakes. Namely, not going deep enough, unbalanced weight and leaning forward.
The tool currently interacts with users through a GUI supported by voice form correction tips. The plan is to develop a mobile app to improve the user experience and mobility. work is also in progress to add additional exercises along with form mistakes to improve the usability of the tool.
Demo of the tool capability to recognize squat and to identify several exercise form mistakes are available through:

Ghaith Tarabishi


Computer Science Master with a focus on Embedded Systems at HKR University