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Beskrivning av bidrag
Mixed Reality Assymetrical Multiplayer Experience.
Cocar is a cooperative racing game. The first player drives in Virtual Reality while a second player is tasked with helping the driver to the finish line by altering the virtual world in real time. Players can partake in the gameplay from three different perspectives, detailed in the following sections; Driver, Builder and Spectator. Each perspective makes use of different hardware.
The driver uses a VR headset to achieve an immersive driving experience.To enhance the experience this experience further a steering wheel and set of pedals are used as input.

The builder places 3d-printed road models on a touch table that utilizes Microsoft’s PixelSense technology. The table recognizes the type of model placed, its position and orientation, through the use of high contrast fiducials called byte tags, which are placed on the bottom of the model. A corresponding road module then manifests in the virtual world. Thus, real world models are brought into the virtual environment, this is augmenting virtuality.

The third and final perspective allow passive spectating of the game through an augmented reality android app. The app makes use of the phone’s camera to track a high contrast marker, which is then overlayed with the virutal world. This allows the spectator to move around and get unique camera angles of the racing action.

The game was created as a 6 week student project in Advanced Graphics and Interaction at the Royal Institue of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. The project incorporates Oculus Rift HMD, Thrustmaster steering wheel,Microsoft Pixelsense, 3D-printing and Vuforia AR.

Some of the features of CocAR are:
– Combining new and old technology into a completely new gaming experience.
– Immersive driving experience in VR using Occulus Rift.
– Interactive road construction using Microsoft PixelSense.
– Implementation of a stunning Augumented Reality experience.


Erik Markström
Ingemar Markström
Mikael Knutsson
Kevin Brundell Whittaker
Hampus Fristedt
Casper Renman

Medieteknik samt datateknik, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan