Beskrivning av bidrag

Once Upon A Shadow is a collaborative environment inspired by shadow theatre. It uses several modalities, such as vision, sound and haptics, as input and output. A scene is shown via a projector. While a host triggers events related to the scene using a tablet, participants control characters in the scene using smartphones. Tilting and shaking move the character and trigger actions, respectively, while haptics and sounds are used as individual feedback related to the respective character.

Once Upon A Shadow has been designed using two iterations in the user-centred design cycle. After an initial brainstorming session and a first set of sketches, the team created a paper prototype. Using an observational usability study, where single participants were asked to play through a story with two of our team members we drew up an interaction map based on the results.

Keeping track of interactions and touch point between the user and system not only helped us plan but also to engineer the system properly and build a high-fidelity prototype. We used Unity for both the scene and the app prototypes.

Finally, as a matter of evaluating the system, we conducted interviews with 10 participants which were asked to follow the instructions of a story narrator. The collected user feedback
was used to improve the system and round of the experience.


Timo Övermark
Ramon Burri
Sebastian John von Freyend
Rana Salamat


Human-Computer Interaction and Design, KTH