C Awards 2017 – arbor from Visualiseringscenter C on Vimeo.

Beskrivning av bidrag
Arbor is a visualization of the MeSH database. MeSH is a thesaurus containing several thousand medical terms.
Within the medical field, anyone from students to doctors has to look up the meaning of certain medical terms. These same terms are also used as keywords when searching for published papers on Medline, an enormous database of medical papers. Therefore, it is very important for people within the medical field to be able to not only look up a medical term, but also see that terms’ synonyms, broader- and narrower terms etc. Easily finding these connected terms is crucial for effectively searching the Medline database. The problem with the current MeSH web page is that it is solely text-based, and it makes correlations and connections difficult to spot. Our task was therefore to visualize the database, to make it easier to find the right terms.

Jonatan Cöster
Lili Du
Joel Ekelöf
Andreas Hahr
Christoffer Neppare
Sugandh Sinha
Ana Yankova


Masterprogram, datalogi. Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan